Thursday, December 3, 2009

Grandma and the Microrwave

Now one would think micorwaves are pretty easy to use and they've been around for a while so it's not really "new" technology and yet grandma still manages to not be able to use it correctly. Well, not so much that she can't use it correctly, but she doesn't know what to do with it when she's done cooking, but there's still time left on the clock.

On Monday grandma was cooking vegetables in the microwave and decided they'd been in long enough so she opened the microwave, removed the vegetables then proceeded to start the microwave up again. At first I thought she had put the vegetables back in, but when I looked at her and saw them in her hands I said, "Are you cooking something else in the microwave?" She said, "No, there was just extra time on the clock so I turned it back on." I then hopped up and cancelled it out because I didn't want it to break or explode. I said, "Grandma, um, it's not safe to run the microwave when it's empty. There's a button right next to start that says stop/cancel. Just press that when you're all done and want to clear it out. She told me ok, but now I'm wondering how long she's been running the microwave when it's empty and if that's why the old one broke. Hmmm.....

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