Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Ok, I'm totally addicted to Facebook. When the Myspace craze happened I was the last to jump on board - too much code and crap to go through in order to update your page. Did anyone else think it was hard to find the beginning and end of the code for something you wanted to delete? When I heard about Facebook I thought, "Oh, great, another social networking site..." However, since there wasn't any coding, etc. I totally got into it. I'm now addicted to Farmville where I plant and harvest crops; Cafe World where I make and serve food; Mafia Wars where I do jobs and earn loot; as well as a few other games I play on and off.

I like reading other people's status updates although I don't update my status as much as I used to. Sometimes those status updates worry me though because some of my friends put up exactly where they are and for how long, etc. What if someone is stalking them? Facebook would definitely make that a lot easier. LOL

I also like looking at everyone's pictures although I don't really post any of my own. I mostly just like to play games without putting too much personal information out there.

I have almost 200 friends and it's been nice seeing what people from high school are doing or wondering why someone from high school friended me considering they didn't give me the time of day while we were in high school.

Facebook is like being a voyeur without the skeeviness. You can check in on people without totally getting involved. Plus, there's no peeping in windows.

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