Friday, April 30, 2010

Google Docs

I've actually used Google Docs as part of a committee that I joined last year. There was a list of books, about 15 or so, that the 6 members needed to read. Instead of trying to get everyone together for a meeting, Barbara Moon loaded all of the books onto a spread sheet, made a column for each member and sent the link to everyone on the committee. We were able to read the books in any order we wanted and as soon as we were done with a book, we logged on to the Google Docs site and added our commentary. It was very easy and we were able to see each other's comments immediately.

Another plus was that the members could see if a particular book wasn't getting read. Since everything needed to be covered, a user who wasn't sure which book to read next could look at the list, see which titles hadn't been read yet then choose one of those titles in order to benefit the group.

This program is very easy to use and it definitely solves the problem of having to worry about remembering to save something you're working on at work onto a flash drive, etc. so you can bring it home and work on it there as well.

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