Friday, May 28, 2010


I love, love, love Suffolkwave. I think it's very easy to use and I download books all year long then transfer them to my IPod when I walk. Suffolkwave gives me another way to listen to books so I can then read three of them at once - an actual book at home, a BOCD in my car and a downloaded book on my MP3 player while I walk.

Suffolkwave really comes in handy when I have to read books for a meeting like Battle of the Books. If the books are available to download, I can get through them a lot faster and it takes me half the time.

It's also nice to use when traveling. When I go home at Christmas, I can load a few books on my MP3 player to use while I walk there and if I finish them, I can always use the computer to download more.

Suffolkwave also gives you the option of adding titles to a wish list. If I'm not ready to download something or I need to read a series in order, I can add the titles to my wish list so I remember them for later.

Suffolkwave isn't all puppies and rainbows, though, it does have its downside as well. The two major complaints I have are selection and availability. There aren't always a lot of titles to choose from. Often, I'm looking for popular YA titles to download or a series that everyone is talking about, but it's not available on Suffolkwave. My other complaint is that often there is only 1 copy available of a title and if someone has it checked out, you have to wait for it. It seems strange since it's not a physical book, but I guess it has to go with licenses, etc.

Overall, though, I think Suffolkwave is a great program.

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